What’s in a name?

William Shakespeare once wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet”.
I’m no scholar of the Bard, but I think he was suggesting that names in themselves do not create worth, but intrinsic qualities derive meaning.
This crossed my mind when I was considering whether to change the name of our school.
Ultimately, the school will be judged not on its name or any associated clever branding but on whether or not we can deliver a world-class education.
That said, given how much we have evolved as a school in recent years, we had outgrown our current title.
I considered first dispensing with the Cumberland part entirely but decided it remained part of the school’s rich heritage and the community that we have served for generations.
This brings me neatly to the second part of our new name.
A sense of social justice drives me, that background should not be a barrier to success, that every child should have the chance to fulfil their potential.
The school has changed immeasurable; we are on track to rival our partners at Forest Gate Community School as the most academically able in the borough and beyond, an idea unthinkable two years ago.
Our location has not changed; we sit proudly in the centre of the community and families we serve.
We will continue to strive to be better; we will continue to grow, evolve and challenge the status quo. Nothing will detract us from our mission!
That is why I am proud to say we are Cumberland Community School.

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